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 Witch's Requirement  劇 名﹕ 天真的愛

劇 情﹕  以「現代的孤獨」為主旋律,創作出描寫年輕人只求現在的愛情觀的劇本的淺野妙子將負責此劇的腳本,此前她曾創作過《 last friends》等人氣劇。


演 員: 堀北真希、香椎由宇、福士誠治、成宮寬貴、內田有紀

Title: Innocent Love

STARRING: Horikita Maki, Kitagawa Yujin, Kashii Yu, Fukushi Seiji, Narimiya Hiroki

BRIEF SUMMARY: An arson took it all away from Akiyama Kanon seven years ago. Her parents died in that fire, her brother was arrested as the prime suspect and her carefree life disappeared from that instant. She was shunned by the town as the sister of a murderer, yet she believes in her brother's innocence and often pays him visits with words of encouragement. As life gets harder when nobody is willing to give her a job, Kanon decides to try her luck in the city and there she meets the man of her destiny...

 Witch's Requirement  劇 名﹕ SCANDAL 醜聞

劇 情﹕ 故事開始於一場婚禮,四位已婚女士由此相聚。她們各自有著不同的背景,是不同年代的人,但都顯露出想要過幸福的生活。在外表的後面,她們的日子充滿了背叛、悲慘及欺騙。這個故事將會跟隨這些普通女士,並揭開對於她們來說家庭、婚姻和愛情背後的真正含義。

演 員: 鈴木京香、長谷川 京子、吹石 一恵、桃井薰

Title: Scandal

STARRING: Suzuki Kyoka, Hasegawa Kyoko, Fukiishi Kazue, Momoi Kaori, Toda Naho

BRIEF SUMMARY:  It all started with a wedding as lives of four married women converge. They are from different backgrounds and diverse generations, appearing to be leading blissful lives. But underneath the facade, their days are strewn with betrayal, misery and deceit. The story will follow these ordinary women and uncover what is to them the true meaning behind family, marriage and love.

 Witch's Requirement  劇 名﹕33分偵探

劇 情﹕由堂本剛跟水川麻美主演的本季新日劇-33分偵探﹐33分偵探的"33分",其實指的就是撥出時間總 長度(扣除廣告),因此我們每集都可以看到『偵探六郎』為了填滿這33分的時間,而做出一大堆誇張的推理。 ...劇中主人公是個每次都在33分鐘之間展開推理的偵 探,這也是曾經扮演過少年金田一的堂本剛再次演繹偵探。 這是個相當古怪的偵探,觀眾從出場人物中發現了犯人,這個33分偵探偏偏要指著毫無關係的人說他就是犯人,並在所有人的吐槽中展開自己的無理頭﹐太超過的推理。 ...

演 員: 堂本剛, 水川麻美﹐ 野波麻

Title:  33 Pun Tantei (33 minute Detective)

STARRING: Domoto Tsuyoshi, Mizukawa Asami, Takahashi Katsumi,

BRIEF SUMMARY: Domoto Tsuyoshi stars as a slow-witted sleuth named Rokuro Kurama who constantly comes up with incorrect theories that always leads him to accuse the wrong person in this comedy. The show's name comes from its time slot which runs a total of 33 minutes after commercial time is subtracted

 Witch's Requirement  劇 名﹕ 流星之絆

劇 情﹕ 流星之絆』(日文:流星の絆;りゅうせいのきずな)、由日本男性作家・東野圭吾所寫的推理小説。本書於2006年9月16日號到2007年9月15日號於週刊現代連載、2008年3月5日在日本由講談社發行。內容是描述雙親遭到慘殺而背負著殘酷運命三個兄妹,在雙親逝世14年後向犯人復仇的作品。該作品也是東野圭吾的作品中,日本發行數量最快超越25萬本的作品。


演 員: 二宮 和也、錦戶 亮、戶田 惠梨香、要 潤、三浦友和

Title: Ryusei No Kizuna (Meteor Bond)

STARRING: Ninomiya Kazunari, Saito Ryusei, Nishikido Ryo, Kakazu Issei, Toda Erika, Kumada Sea

BRIEF SUMMARY: Based on the popular novel of the same name, Ryusei no Kizuna tells the story of three orphans, whose parents were murdered long ago. Together, the three vowed on a shooting star to one day avenge their parents. After many years, the two brothers have found the murderers, and are set to carry out their plan for vengeance when they realize they've made a serious miscalculation.

 Witch's Requirement  劇 名﹕Tomorrow 

劇 情本劇講述以醫療問題為題,一位外科醫生重建倒閉了的醫院的人性化電視劇。竹野內豐飾演主人公外科醫生,菅野美穗飾演護士一角。航平(竹野內豐)八年前辭去了醫生職位,轉職做了區政府的公務員。成為了公務員的他在誰看來都非常開朗樂觀,在當地受到了居民的愛戴。但是他心中的傷痛仍未治愈。實際上他將自己過去是醫生的事實隱藏起來,封閉著自己的心。在他面前出現了一位護士愛子(菅野美穗)。和充滿正義感而又樂觀的她相遇成為了他決定重建醫院的契機。他也意識到“輸並不代表完結,而放棄才是正真的結束”…。

演 員: 竹野豐、菅野美穗、黑川智花

Title:  Tomorrow

STARRING: Takenouchi Yutaka, Kanno Miho, Ogawa Tamaki, Kurokawa Tomoka

BRIEF SUMMARY: Kohei Moriyama quit his job as a doctor 8 years ago and now works at the city hall. Since becoming a public official, he has become cheerful and optimistic. He is loved by everyone around him. However, his emotional wound from the past is not yet healed. He does not trust anyone but himself when it comes to important matters. One day, he meets a dedicated nurse, Aiko Tanaka. This encounter triggers his decision to reestablish a hospital. This is when he realizes... “Losing is not the end. Giving up is what ends everything

 Witch's Requirement  劇 名﹕貧窮男子 

劇 情﹕小栗旬首次在連續劇中擔任主演.  小栗旬飾演的小山一美,是樂觀至上.笑看人生的一位"好人,是不會拒絕別人的一位"白癡"ˇˇˇ原本不會欠債的.因為不會拒絕別人導致欠債106萬日幣. 加上一美大學社團入了21個(因為不會拒絕別人)每各社團有難時.會借錢給社團&朋友所以一美常常都跑去貸款提款機


演 員: 小栗旬.八嶋智人.山田優.三浦春馬

Title: Binbo Danshi

STARRING: Oguri Shun, Yashima Norito, Yamada Yu, Miura Haruma

BRIEF SUMMARY:  Koyoma Kazumi is a poor but optimistic college student who never refuses anyone who needs help. He's known as Mr. Super Nice among his friends. His inability to say no to anyone has put him in a heavy financial debt  and he is facing various challenges to pay off those debts.

 Witch's Requirement  劇 名﹕ Bloody Monday 血色星期一

劇 情﹕  講述在聖誕前夕,在俄羅斯進行了病毒交易,使用目的不明。接著在遙遠的日本發生了與之相關的俄國諜報員被殺害事件。在整個事件背後,還存在著一個叫瑪雅的神秘女人和想利用病毒制造恐怖事件的“BLOODY MONDAY”計畫,超級駭客高木藤丸接受父親隸屬的公安調查廳的委托,介入該事件並開始著手調查案件真相……

演 員: 三浦春馬, 吉瀬美智子, 佐藤健, 松重豊

Title: Bloody Monday

STARRING: Miura Haruma, Kawashima Umika, Sato Takeru, Fuji Mina, Kichise Michiko

BRIEF SUMMARY: After a biological terrorist attack kills off the population of a Russian town; Japan's Public Safety Special Third unit, code name THIRD-i, believes that the terrorist organization responsible plans to unleash the same virus known as Bloody X into Tokyo. Subsequently, THIRD-i recruits the help of genius hacker Takagi Fujimaru to find out what happened in the Russia. However, as Fujimaru becomes involved, he soon finds out that he is in over his and that the terrorist groups influence reaches not only his school but even the police. Fujimaru must now rely on his skill as a hacker to unravel the organizations sinister plot and find out the truth behind "Bloody Monday."

 Witch's Requirement  劇 名﹕太陽與海的教室

劇 情﹕不拘泥於規則的櫻井朔太郎老師,到湘南學館上任了。三年一班的幾位好朋友,根岸洋貴、白崎凛久、田幡八朗、屋嶋灯里、楠木大和、日垣茂市、澤水羽菜等人,在晚上的海邊舉行自己的畢業典禮,並且放了煙火。回去的途中,凜久和洋貴被其他學校的學生末吉春臣等人叫住了,他命令洋貴,第二天的游泳比賽要故意輸。


演 員: 織田裕二, 北川景子, 小日向文世, 八嶋智人, 戸田恵子

Title:  Taiyou to Umi no Kyoushitsu

STARRING: Oda Yuji, Kitagawa Keiko, Yamamoto Yusuke, Okada Masaki, Kitano Kie, Yoshitaka Yuriko, Tanimura Mitsuki, Hamada Gaku, Kohinata Fumiyo, Toda Keiko, Nakamura Yuichi

BRIEF SUMMARY:  Oda Yuji stars in this high school drama as, Sakurai Sakutaro, a passionate teacher of a famous preparatory school who wraps students' troubled by love and their future path in great affection and provides guidance to those who have lost sight of their direction.

 Witch's Requirement  劇 名﹕王牌男公關

劇 情﹕該劇根據同名漫畫翻拍而成。劇中佐佐木本是人稱「六本木之王」的牛郎,佐佐木所飾演的牛郎,「不掩飾內心」在顧客面前坦誠相待,即治癒型牛郎。然而他激流勇退,在創造傳奇之後,毅然引退。但是卻在公司重組時慘遭裁員,為了守護妻子,他不得不重返昔日的舞台,在熟識的女老闆(真矢美紀)店中重操舊業,卻對妻子謊稱,「在工地上班」。

演 員: 佐木藏之介 真失美紀 三浦翔平 原沙知繪

Title: Giragira

STARRING: Sasaki Kuranosuke, Maya Miki, Hara Sachie, Miura Shohei, Sato Tomohito, Abe Tsuyoshi

BRIEF SUMMARY: Based on a hit manga, this adaptation depicts the life of a married man Nanase Kohei after he returned to his former job as a male host. He woos the clients with his gentle and caring nature, and soon retrieves his former credit as the ace of the club. However, the transition back for this middle-aged man is not without its challenges. Afraid that his wife will find out about this job, Nanase is also garnering jealousy and displeasure from the younger hosts. Throughout the course of his employment, he demonstrates to others that hosting should not be the vulgar occupation it has become where the entire goal is to make the women frivolously spend money, rather, it is about a human connection that is so often overlooked.

 Witch's Requirement  劇 名﹕魔王

劇 情﹕該作品是去年在韓國放送的人氣懸疑電視劇的重新打造。大野將挑戰雙親遭受殺害,謀劃復仇的律師角色,展現其全新的一面。作為嵐的隊長,活躍在音樂會、綜藝節目的大野充分準備初次亮相連續劇。高橋正尚製作人說明起用大野理由說,眾所周知雖然在綜藝等節目表現出穩健,略顯糊塗的大野,也應註意到在他內心潛藏著獨特的充滿謎一樣的魅力。律師的外表的背面其實是冷酷的復仇魔鬼,即成為魔王的角色性格,正是因為讓他扮演才能更能增加恐怖的氣氛,他是當之無愧的。大野為了創作角色將頭髮剪短並染成黑色,信心十足地說,雖然想快樂地出演第一次的連續劇,但是因為特殊的設定日常生活也能恬淡寡慾。從來沒有做過復仇的事情,也從來沒有考慮過。雖然是很難的角色,但不會辜負大家的期望加油。另一方面,在去年人氣電視劇「花樣少男少女」中一躍受到矚目的生田將共同出演追擊謎的連續殺人事件的刑警角色。雖然過去與大野有過舞臺共同出演經歷。

演 員: 生田 斗真 小林 涼子 大野智  田中圭  忍成修吾

Title:  Maou

STARRING: Ikuta Toma, Ohno Satoshi, Kobayashi Ryoko, Tanaka Kei, Oshinari Shugo

BRIEF SUMMARY:  This drama is a remake of the popular suspense drama The Devil that was aired in Korea last year. Ohno Satoshi will be playing the role of a two-faced lawyer, one of which is a kind hearted soul and the other who is plotting revenge, using his brilliant mind, on the person who killed his relative. On the other hand, Ikuta Toma will play the double lead role of the man, who has become a detective due to his dark past, who is pursuing the mysterious series of murders and fighting against the devil (maou).

 Witch's Requirement  劇 名﹕傳說的刑事

劇 情﹕這是講一個被稱作gonzo(警界術語,意即不工作的警察)的警察,他自已的故事。待在類似物品保管科裡頭...成天只會打電動,和警員們打哈哈的怪胎刑警,也被人稱作是GONZO的黑木俊英...過著一天又一天不變的生活...直到警局中的警員以及一名演奏家在路上遭人殺害...那漫天的兩聲槍響... 開始了他應有的際遇...那個在搜查一課被稱為[鐵男]的他...

演 員: 內野聖陽.筒井道隆 本仮屋ユイカ 高橋一生

Title:  Gonzo The Legendary Detective

STARRING: Uchino Masaaki, Tsutsui Michitaka, Motokariya Yuika, Takahashi Issei

BRIEF SUMMARY: Produced and written by the team behind the popular Aibou series, Gonzo is supposedly the police slang for a person with ability and experience but unable to work. Uchino Masaaki plays Kuroki, who was once a top-notch detective with the First Investigative Division but ends up as an unmotivated and slovenly clerk in an accounting division for another police station after an incident results in him suffering post-traumatic stress disorder. But one day, a case arises that brings him back as a detective.

 Witch's Requirement  劇 名﹕怪獸家長 

劇 情﹕本劇講述不把老師當老師,而是讓他們一直沈浸在"你沒有資格做老師!"、"快寫教師辭職確認書!"這樣罵聲中的沒有常識的家長。哪怕只存在一個這樣的怪獸家長 ,都足以摧毀這所學校。
    一位法律界的女律師來到了這樣一個已經被毀壞的教育現場。即使她稱得上是一位能乾的律師,但是當她第一次面對怪獸家長 的沖擊時,她還是感到了驚慌、混亂甚至憤怒。但是,她在面對各種各樣問題的同時,也感覺到,"這個並不只是教育現場的問題,而是當今日本的問題"。這是一個以被怪獸家長 無理要求折磨的教育現場為舞臺而上演的故事。…。

演 員: 米倉涼子、平岡祐太、温水洋一

Title:  Monster Parent

STARRING: Yonekura Ryoko, Sasaki Kuranosuke, Hiraoka Yuuta

BRIEF SUMMARY: Yonekura Ryoko stars as Komura Itsuki, a beautiful and fashionable lawyer dispatched to the education commission to resolve problems between schools and parents in this drama about "monster parents", those who selfishly make unreasonable demands of their children's schools and teachers.

 Witch's Requirement  劇 名﹕ 名人與貧乏太郎

劇 情﹕ 是世界知名酒店的老板,母親是演員,驕橫奔放,緋聞不斷——上戶彩飾演的平田愛麗絲就是這樣一個大小姐。令人不可思議的是,這個類似於Paris Hilton名流之後居然愛上了大平民,妻子去世後帶著3個孩子勉強維持生活的佐藤太郎……

演 員: 上戶彩 , 上地雄輔 ,  國仲涼子 ,  柏原崇

Title: Celeb To Binbo Taro

STARRING: Ueot Aya, Kamiji Yusuke, Kuninaka Ryoko, Kashiwabara Takashi

BRIEF SUMMARY: Wealthy daughter of a hotel chain mogul meets poor widowed father of three. Despite their vastly different values and beliefs, will their chanced encounter blossom into something more?

 4 Shimai Tantei Dan  劇 名﹕4姐妹探偵團

劇 情﹕故事大綱:夏帆第一次主演連續劇 赤川的懸疑小說「4姐妹探偵團」她飾演的主人公是4姊妹的末子,女子高中生--佐々本夕裡子,憑著自己敏銳的推理能力和迅速的行動力來解決難題。

演 員: 夏帆, 吉澤悠, 中越典子, 加籐夏希, 市川由衣

Title: 4 Shimai Tantei Dan

STARRING: Kaho, Nakagoshi Noriko, Kato Natsuki, Ichikawa Yu, Yoshizawa Hisashi

BRIEF SUMMARY:  This drama is based on a novel written by Akagawa Jiro.  Four sisters, all otherwise typical junior, high school student and college students, who, while probing into the murder case of their father, get themselves in the middle of other cases and wind up becoming detectives themselves.

 Absolute Boyfriend  劇 名﹕絕對彼氏

劇 情﹕天城奈特(速水 茂虎道)是一款新出品的戀人型機器人,功能是作為女性的「理想男友」第一個實驗目標瞄準了剛失戀的井澤梨衣子(相武紗季) .天城奈特"不管發生什麽事都是完美戀人",爲了能永遠做井澤梨衣子的男友而拼命地努力著.一方面同公司的帥男公子哥水嶋尋(浅元創志)也對女主角産生了愛慕之情。這樣的劇情與好萊塢電影類似,對此,導演橋本芙美有著"絕對"的自信."雖然劇情很奇特,但主題還是愛.天城奈特雖然身爲機器人,但隨著自我的覺醒,開始了真正的愛情 "只能按照程式做事的機器人,是如何覺醒,開始人間情愛的.

演 員: 速水茂虎道, 相武紗季, 浅元創志

Title: Absolute Boyfriend (Zettai Kareshi)

STARRING: Nagasawa Masami, Ueno Juri, Eita, Mizukawa Asami, Nishikido Ryo, Yamazaki Shigenori

BRIEF SUMMARY:  Robot maker, Kronos Heaven, finally develops "Night Tenjo", the perfect male humanoid programmed to be devoted and completely loyal to his lover. The company chooses temp worker Izawa Riko to take part in a 5-day free trial. At first, Riko only sees Night as a household appliance. But when she finds out how deep Night's devotion to herself is, Riko finds herself falling in love with him. Joining the love triangle is Asamoto Soshi, a distinguished young executive at her company who has feelings for her

 Around 40  劇 名﹕ Around 40

劇 情﹕   本劇描寫40歳前後世代即所謂(Around 40,即40前後)女性的故事。 特別是女性:結婚、生産、工作等,這年齡是人生最大的轉折點 女性的年齡價值,過了30歲就會慢慢下降 35歲以後更是會急速下降天海祐希飾演有著高學歷、高收入、優秀的39歳之精神科醫生。 當然也找來帥氣的藤木直人來當男主角讓此片夠有看頭囉 可是一向演王子的藤木直人,這次卻演出打工男的角色快40歲未婚的男女都可以來看看這部不錯的日劇

演 員: 天海祐希 藤木直人 大塚寧寧

Title:  Around 40  

STARRING: Amami Yuki, Fujiki Naohito, Otsuka Nene, Matsushita Yuki

BRIEF SUMMARY:   This is a story about a happily single female and her friends who are about to turn 40,some of them are married with kids, life seems to be going according to the scheduled plan for the others, Satoko is the only single gal out of the bunch. At an high school reunion as everyone is on the verge of 40, Takeuchi Mizue, her good friend since high school who is now a full-time housewife, strongly warning Satoko that the true happiness for a female is to find a good husband that will take care of her. Being single will get in the way of finding true love. The 39-year-old Ogata Satoko is a highly skilled psychiatrist. Her interests are staying in luxurious Japanese inns and watching stand-up comedy videos. Satoko hasn't had a boyfriend in the past five years. Nevertheless, she gets satisfaction from work and isn't worried about her finances. Among her good friends that she hangs out with are 35-year-old Morimura Nao, her junior who proclaims that she won't marry, and 39-year-old Oikawa Sadao, her peer since high school. Satoko is happily enjoying the single life.

 Bara No Nai Hanaya + SP  劇 名﹕沒有薔葳的花店  

劇 情﹕雙目失明的美麗女主角將由首次與香取搭戲的竹內出演,某個雨天,一位為了躲雨的失明女性出現在花店屋簷下,她是最近才搬到附近的獨居的白戶美櫻。同一天花店住進了白吃白喝的牛郎工籐直哉......故事於焉慢慢展開。 釈由美子(29)飾演雫就讀小學的教師、松田翔太(22)飾演借居汐見父女家的年輕人、大醫院院長則由久違富士28年的三浦友和(55)出演、眾人一同攜手描繪野島的繽紛世界。該劇導演中江功還表示:最近香取充滿活力的一面倍受矚目、但這次的新劇中希望他能展現出感情細膩的一面。新春將至、圍繞著香取所展開的父女愛、鄰里愛、兄弟愛無數的愛將成為你茶餘飯後的感動甜點。

演 員:  香取慎吾.竹内結子.釈由美子.松田翔太 

Title: Bara No Nai Hanaya

STARRING: Katori Shingo, Takeuchi Yuko, Shaku Yumiko, Matsuda Shota


Shiomi Eiji is forced to become a single father when his girlfriend passes away while giving birth to their daughter, Shizuku. Desolate after the loss of the woman he loved, Eiji has little time or desire to even consider remarrying, working part-time jobs just to make ends meet. The one thing that gives meaning and joy to his life is Shizuku, but even that begins to trouble him when Shizuku begins acting strange, hiding her face by putting a cloth over her head when around other people.

One day after opening his flower shop, Eiji comes across a blind woman standing by the door, taking shelter from the rain. When he invites her to come inside the shop, she at first refuses, but later gives in to Eiji's kindness. They become intimate friends and she slowly grows to depend on Eiji's sincerity and goodheartedness. After rescuing her a following evening when she walks into the street and is nearly struck by traffic, Eiji himself inexplicably discovers the cold of winter that has saddled his heart all these years slowly melting away...

 Camouflage: Aoi Yu x Yottsu No Uso  劇 名﹕蒼井優X 4個謊言

劇 情﹕該劇總12集共四個故事,分別由四位編劇操刀,所有故事獨立成立,且蒼井優要在每個故事中扮演不同的人物.四個故事的名字分別是「人生就像撒謊」,「玫瑰色的日子」,「赤羽病三姊妹」,「鈴子-一百萬和苦蟲女 序章-」,全部圍繞人們的各種謊言羅織成精采的故事,講述人生百態

演 員: 蒼井優, 温水洋一

Title: Camouflage: Aoi Yu x Yottsu No Uso

STARRING: Aoi Yu, Nishijima Hidetoshi , Arai Hirofumi , Nukumizu Youichi

BRIEF SUMMARY: The series consists of four 3-episode chapters, each handled by a different director. The directors were given freedom in their stories, but they all share a common theme: lies

 Change  劇 名﹕Change

劇 情﹕劇中描述出身政治世家的朝倉不願從政而去當小學老師,卻因從政的父親和哥哥在意外事故中喪生,為了遞補國會議席的空缺,朝倉被硬拉出來當國會議員候選人,但是在選舉投票前二天,敵方陣營施出「奧步」,爆出朝倉父親十八年前的收賄疑雲。

演 員: 木村拓哉, 深津繪里, 阿部寬

Title: Change

STARRING: Kimura Takuya, Fukatsu Eri, Terao Akira, Kato Rosa, Horiuchi Keiko, Kazama Morio

BRIEF SUMMARY:  The story begins with the deaths of ruling party's Fukuoka legislator and his eldest son, his heir apparent, in an accident. It is decided that a by-election will be held, and Kanbayashi Masaichi, the leader of the ruling party, and secretary Miyama Rika conceive the idea of fielding the second son, Asakura Keita, who had been renounced by his father.

After Keita graduated from senior high school, he went on to a university in Nagano because he wanted to live in a place with beautiful stars, and eventually became an elementary school teacher over there. Well-liked by children and satisfied with his beloved star gazing, Keita has no interest in the world of politics. However, at Rika's persuasion and the pressure of his family, he reluctantly decides to announce his candidacy.

 Code Blue  劇 名﹕Code Blue

劇 情﹕山下智久(23)和 新垣結衣(19)和戶田惠梨香一起在富士電視台的新電視劇裡演「飛行醫生」。這套電視劇是7月開始的Code Blue~ 直升機醫生緊急救援 ,描繪乘著醫療用的直升機,在半送患者的途中實行急救的「flight doctor」 的候補學生們的奮鬥故事。 去年六月,全國開始實施這種救援方式的法律,所以製作出注目這種新型的醫療的電視劇。

演 員: 山下智久.新垣結衣.戶田惠梨香

Title:  Code Blue

STARRING: Yamashita Tomohisa, Aragaki Yui, Toda Erika, Asari Yosuke, Sugimoto Tetta

BRIEF SUMMARY: Code Blue Generally used to indicate a patient requiring immediate resuscitation, most often as the result of a cardiac arrest. May also be used as a radio call to indicate that a patient en route to the hospital requires resuscitation. The drama's full title is "Code Blue: Doctor Heli Kinkyu Kyumei." The concept is based on Japan's proposal for an emergency medical service using helicopters to quickly reach those in need. A special bill was passed in June 2007 that should foster widespread adoption of the system. Yamashita stars as a young doctor-in-training, working under the guidance of an experienced "flight doctor" (Toshiro Yanagiba). Some scenes will be filmed with a real helicopter, adding to the show's tension.

 Detective Galileo SP: Episode Zero + Boshi  劇 名﹕偵探伽利略特別篇

劇 情﹕特別篇是在回溯過去的案件,在柴崎幸去找福山雅治協助破案的三年前。所以那時候就是北村一輝和福山雅治的組合 .在特別篇當中會交代為什麼北村一輝會找福山雅治辦案,因為在大學的時候,福山雅治曾經發揮他那物理學的專門知識,幫北村還個清白。北村之前在披薩店打工 XD 有次外送到一個女生的家裡,結果家裡看起來沒人,但後來在窗外聽到尖叫聲,結果女生墜樓,他往下一看,就被以為是嫌疑犯了。

演 員: 緒形拳,玉山鐵二, 岸部一徳,田中裕子, 福山雅治, 北村一輝, 長澤雅美, 三浦春馬

Title: Galileo: Episode Zero

STARRING: Fukuyama Masaharu, Miura Haruma, Kitamura Kazuki, Watanabe Ikkei, Nagasawa Masami, Ogata Ken, Tanaka Yuko

BRIEF SUMMARY: The special is set 3 years prior to the drama series, with the story being related to a murder case that was partly referenced in the original show. Detective Kusanagi is looking to solve a murder mystery, and he gets back in touch with his former badminton teammate, the brilliant professor Yukawa Manabu.

 Gakko Ja Oshierarenai  劇 名﹕學校學不到的事

劇 情﹕有 50年傳統歷史的私立名門女校,受到少子化的衝擊,也開始招收男生了。第一學期只有五個男生入學,5人 vs 600人,女生壓倒性的人數,讓五位男生很有壓力,完全被打垮了。另外一方面,英語老師相田舞,看到學生每天死氣沉沉,沒有閃耀青春的感覺,覺得很苦惱。決定成立社交舞社團,打著跳社交舞感覺像情侶的口號,找來了10位學生。但是,他們完全不起勁,而且各自有不能跟別人講的煩惱。再加上代理校長對社交舞沒有好感,以及新任校長除了提高學校名聲以外的事完全不感興趣,反對社交舞部繼續下去.......。

演 員: 深田恭子, 谷原章介, 仲 里依紗, 中村蒼, 前田公輝

Title:  Gakko Ja Oshierarenai!

STARRING: Fukada Kyoko, Tanihara Shosuke, Ito Ran, naka Riisa, Nakamura Aoi, Maeda Goki

BRIEF SUMMARY: Fukada plays Mai Aida, a woman in her third year as an english teacher at a private all-girls high school. Due to declining enrollment, the school decides to admit its first male students. Those five freshmen initially feel they're in paradise, but the concerned Mai tries to help them adjust by creating a social dance club and inviting five girls. Those ten students become the focus of the drama, which is described as a story of love and adolescence.

 Gokusen III  劇 名﹕極道鮮師3

劇 情﹕本片為日本TV開局55週年紀念節目,將在4月播出新系列 第3集繼0205年後相隔3年第3度電視劇連續化,當然扮演主角久美子老師的仍然是(仲間由紀惠),而學生角色也依舊會聘請持續輩出的當紅明星政策,論壇從2007年開始選拔演員。拍攝工作從去年3月開始,屆時電視屏幕上將再現仲間由紀惠扮演的(久美子老師)那身穿緊身運動套衫的身影了。 2005年的第2季獲得了平均收視率285%的該作,在那之後,在全球每一個角落 都可以看到TV劇集 並沒有超過這個收視記錄的作品出現《極道鮮師》堪稱屹立在日本電視劇界的頂點

演 員: 仲間由紀恵 生瀬勝久 高木雄也 三浦春馬 石黒英雄

Title: Gokusen 3

STARRING: Nakama Yukie, Namase Katsuhisa, Miura Harama, Takai Yuya, Ishiguro Hideo

BRIEF SUMMARY:  Kumiko (known by her students as "Yankumi") becomes a teacher at an all-boys private high school. Her class is full of delinquents, but she tries her hardest to teach them not just about academics (her subject is Mathematics), but about lessons of life, much like any "dedicated teacher" story. Though she's forced to keep her family a secret from the public, her Yakuza upbringing gives her the strength and the experience to reach out to her students, while also providing comedic relief.

 Hachimitsu To Clover  劇 名﹕蜂蜜幸運草

劇 情﹕考上美術大學的竹本與兩位學長-真山、森田在同一棟公寓下成為室友。有天在花本老師的介紹下認識了他堂兄弟的女兒-花本育。另一方面,真山對打工的上司-建築師理花和愛戀著真山的同年級女孩山田。在這群人之下,所展開帶有少許哀傷的浪漫愛情活劇。

演 員: 成海璃子.生田斗真.原田夏希.成宮寛貴

Title: Hachimitsu To Clover (Honey And Clover)

STARRING: Narumi Riko, Ikuta Toma, Harada Natsuki, Mukai Osamu

BRIEF SUMMARY:  The hugely popular josei manga and anime series Honey and Clover has been adapted into a live Drama.  Yuuta , Takumi , and Shinobu live together while studying at art college. Money is tight but they find ways to amuse themselves, especially after they are introduced to new first-year student Hagumi . The quiet Yuuta and the forward Shinobu both immediately take a liking to her. Meanwhile, Mayama is off chasing an older woman, blind to the affections of the popular Ayumi  who is secretly in love with him.

 Hokaben  劇 名﹕熱血律師

劇 情﹕故事講述上戶彩飾演的是新人律師堂本燈,雖然懷有救濟弱者的理想, 但卻因經驗不足而被屢次犯錯,因而被分配在被稱作「律師事務所的地獄」的傾訴室,也被稱作是史上最弱的律師 也因此被前輩衫崎(北村一輝) 冷眼相待,不過雖然受到了因辯護失誤而降職的前輩衫崎冷眼相待,但她還是對律師事務抱有很大的熱情堂本燈也還是以極大的熱情,使衫崎重拾失去的熱情。 劇中還穿插了堂本燈與青梅竹馬的愛情故事。 一起應付少年犯罪與幼兒虐待等社會問題, 還有控訴日本司法考試合格率 提升導致律師質素下降的情況。

演 員: 上戶彩, 北村一輝, 加藤成亮

Title: Hokaben

STARRING: Ueto Aya, Kitamura Kazuki, Kato Shigeaki

BRIEF SUMMARY: It stars Ueto Aya as a young hopeful lawyer named Domoto Akari who wants to be the savior of the weak. Her idea of what lawyers are is perhaps a bit naive,  She joins a large law office, though she is assigned to a lowly department whose only other member is her boss, who was transferred there after making a mistake during a case. Her boss treats Akari as if she is a  nobody and could careless what she does at office all day. Not getting discouraged, Akari keeps moving at her own beat of drum and work at one case at the time.

 Koizora / Sky Of Love TV Series  劇 名﹕戀空

劇 情﹕2000年夏天,極其平凡的高中一年級學生‧美嘉在一次意外的機緣下,認識了同年級的高個兒帥哥‧阿弘,兩個人開始交往。從來沒有談過戀愛的美嘉,彷彿被激流吞噬一般,深深地愛上染著一頭金髮的阿弘。在和阿弘交心的過程中,一個超乎想像的悲劇卻向美嘉襲來。可是在阿弘深深的愛支持下,美嘉心中的傷口漸漸痊癒了。戀空是一部戲劇性強烈的精緻愛情故事、青春洋溢的友情故事,同時也是溫暖內心的親情故事。  

演 員: 水沢エレナ、瀬戸康史、三浦翔平

Title:  Koizora

STARRING: Mizusawa Elena, Seto Koji, Aoi, Miura Shohei, Haru

BRIEF SUMMARY: Tahara Mika is an ordinary high school girl. One day, out of the blue, one of her classmates kisses her. His name is Sakurai Hiroki also known as Hiro. Hiro stands out because of his bleached hair and piercing. Apparently he is also dating someone. Mika is shocked and hurt that her first kiss had to happen this way. She desperately tries to forget about it. Then, her friend tells her that she should find somebody else and suggests Tatsuya, another boy in their class. However, before she even realizes it, Mika is already in love

 Koshonin  劇 名﹕交涉人    

劇 情﹕交涉人是指當有發生歹徒挾持人質事件時, 在犯罪現場和各種犯罪份子用語言鬥智, 兵不刃血的談判專家.米倉涼子飾演的宇佐木玲子是第一位女性談判專家,整個交涉班的男同事都把她當花瓶, 尤其陣内孝則飾演的男主管根本把宇佐木玲子當作眼中釘, 不但故意安排她當誘餌,引開歹徒的注意力, 趁機讓警察集中火力轰了歹徒; 而且在宇佐木玲子深入險境時, 還抱著一付看好戲的心情, 真實反映了日本的大男人主義文化, 貶損女性到了極點.在這個充滿男性歧視的警視廳裡,當然宇佐木玲子也用她的專業, 慢慢讓這些殺豬另眼相看...

演 員: 米倉涼子.筧利夫.笹野 高史, 陣内孝則

Title: Koshonin (The Negotiator)

STARRING: Yonekura Ryoko, Jinnai Takanori, Takahashi Katsumi

BRIEF SUMMARY:  A Japanese elite law enforcement group called Special Investigation Team also known as SIT, The SIT doesn't get into action after a case but heads to the site just as a crime is being committed. They are on the front-line of risky missions, facing off against criminals; tenaciously conducting negotiations with criminals.
In a male dominated world of negotiation ,There is one female negotiator, Usagi Reiko, who bravely fights at the frontline. She is isolated in the male world of the SIT but courageously fights against crime as well as her organization.

 Last Friends  劇 名﹕最後的朋友們  Last Friends

劇 情﹕劇描述著一群年輕人,各自有著自己說不出口的煩惱,爲了追求生命的溫暖而同住在一个屋簷下,並通過與人交往,學習到友情的重要性 也獲得了勇氣繼續生活下去的故事。故事內容以年輕人的生活與人性和心理層面為主,取材新鮮,播出前便引起討論,長澤、樹里和錦戶亮各人在劇中亦有大突破,尤其以長澤和上野的蕾絲邊戲碼為注目焦點,形象正氣的錦戶亮首次扮演雙面人,更會向長澤動粗,為長澤雅美的暴力男友,錦戶亮對於演出此角色他表示,會盡全力飾演好這個角色,就算被全國女性討厭也無所謂。編劇則由浅野妙子操刀製作,曾製作過二千年之戀,大奧系列,以及NANA電影的名編劇師。主題曲 Prisoner of Love 由出道10年的宇多田光演唱

演 員: 長澤雅美、錦戶 亮、上野樹里、瑛太

Title: Last Friends

STARRING: Nagasawa Masami, Juri Ueno, Eita, Mizukawa Asami

BRIEF SUMMARY: In this coming of age drama which tackles issues that afflict the current generation such as homosexuality and abusive relationships. Michiru's mother has brought a man back to their home and she is bullied at her workplace where she works as a beauty parlor assistant. She starts cohabiting with her boyfriend, a good young man who works at the Child Welfare Division and the only person who can give her emotional support, but ends up the victim of domestic violence and becomes fearful of love. The hero is a girl by the name of Ruku who is determined to save her friend Michiru from an abusive relationship which is not so easy for Michiru to leave behind. Takeru is a hair and makeup artist acquainted with Ruka.

Each character has their only story to tell and everyone faces a different challenge. If there’s a theme to Last Friends, it would be Courage & Love.

 Miracle World 2008 Fall Special + Kaidan Shin Mimi Bukuro Naguri  劇 名﹕2008 世界奇妙物語秋季之特別篇

劇 情﹕世界奇妙物語是富士電視臺歷久不衰的王牌節目,所有的故事都取材於小市民的生活片段,雖然每個故事篇幅短小。但各種天馬行空的故事題材,或令人捧腹或令人嚇出一身冷汗或傷感落淚,沒有不讓觀眾為之震撼的,其中暗含的哲理也頗令人深思。




死後婚 (冥婚)



Title: Yonimo Kimyona Monogatari (Miracle World)  2008 Fall Special

STARRING: Takashi Shimitsu, Hirokatsu Kihara, Fukada Kyoko,

BRIEF SUMMARY:  The well known Miracle World series has come back with its 2008 Fall Special Episode.  Get ready for the unknown and the unexplained stories from the miracle world. This popular TV show has been scarring its faithful audience since 1999.  Whether or not you believe the authenticity of the horror stories being told on the show. It will definitely catch your attention next time you hear noise around the house in the middle of the night.

 Mirai Koshi Meguru  劇 名﹕未來講師

劇 情﹕深田恭子扮演的主人公,即補習班的英語講師--吉田巡在24 歲生日那天超能力覺醒,吃飽後居然看見周圍人們20年之後的樣子。補習班的學生和戀人知不知道呢?雖然為自己的特殊能力所困擾,但面對事業與愛情依然全力以赴。

演 員: 深田恭子.勝地涼.武田真治.黒川 智花

Title: Mirai Koshi Meguru

STARRING: Fukada Kyoko, Takeda Shinji, Kurokawa Tomoka

BRIEF SUMMARY: In this futurist drama, Fukda Kyoko plays a English teacher who discovered her ability to see the future 20 years ahead of her on her 24th birthday, she is able to see what her future holds, and everyone around her. She is slightly distracted by her new found power but she decides to live her life as if nothing happened; however, she soon realizes saying is easier than done.

 One Pound No Fukuin  劇 名﹕一磅的福音

劇 情﹕一磅的福音》中的男主人公耕作是一個自小就被稱為天才的拳擊運動員,但當他踏上職業拳擊手的道路時,卻成績一落千丈。這倒不是他不努力,而是他實在過於貪吃,結果體重一長再長,多餘的脂肪既影響了靈活敏捷的身手,也令他無法通過本級別的體重測試。為了拳擊,在教練等一千人的威逼下,他只好賭神發誓地開始節食減肥。


演 員: 亀梨和也.黒木梅纱.山田涼介.小林聡美

Title: 1 Pound No Fukuin

STARRING:  If blessing can be measured by weight, most of us are overfilled with blessing! Kosaku Hatanaka is a skilled boxer who turned pro at the age of 19, but he finds himself facing a string of defeats due to his inability to control his appetite, which always puts him in a heavier weight class. He is forced to lose weight and control his craving for food if he wants to stay in the light weight class.   One day, due to excessive work out he collapses where he is found by Sister Angela, a naive fledgling nun and he immediately finds himself interested in her

BRIEF SUMMARY: Kamenashi Kazuya, Kuroki Meisa, Kobayashi Satomi,

 Osen  劇 名﹕料理仙姬

劇 情﹕故事改編自同名漫畫講述老牌飯店「一升庵」,店長半田仙(蒼井優)自5歲開始就接受母親的地獄式訓練,除了美貌之外,廚藝、陶藝、書法一流,但卻愛喝酒,經常飲醉,更會偷吃預留給客人的食物。但她和客人之間卻有很深的感情,是一部「透過飲食文化帶出人情味」的作品。蒼井優首次擔正女主角,這也是她在《孤島診療所2006》後回歸電視的作品從設定看這個角色真是很適合她,相信應該是集合搞笑和溫情於一身的精彩故事.....

演 員: 蒼井優, 内博貴 杉本哲太 向井理

Title: Osen

STARRING: Aoi Yu, Uchi Hiroki, Sugimoto Tetta, Mukai Osamu

BRIEF SUMMARY: This tasty drama is based on a popular Japanese comic book.  Handa Sen is the proprietress of a long-standing restaurant in one of the lower parts of Tokyo. Though she is normally silly, sometimes just a fruit cake and loves to drink, she has an impressive mastery of a wide range skills, from cooking to ceramics to calligraphy. While the drama follows various events surrounding the restaurant, one of the series' highlights is its illustration of Japanese food and culture.

 Pandora  劇 名﹕潘朵拉

劇 情﹕由希臘神話潘朵拉,來比喻醫藥界的潘朵拉:抗癌藥的發現,探討能夠治療癌症的神藥,究竟是學界的一大進步.人類生命的延續,或是個人私慾滿足,社會鬥爭的始端?港東大學的內科醫生鈴木秀樹(三上博史飾)研究抗癌藥物多年,在小白鼠身上的實驗成功的消滅所有癌症,但說出來卻沒人肯相信,只有外科醫生飯田小夜子(小西真奈美飾)存著半信半疑的想法.鈴木秀數在失意之餘認識了水野愛美(谷村美月飾)得知她罹患癌症多年已無多少時日可活,詢問他的意願後就決定以他當做人體實驗的對象.究竟這抗癌藥是否能發生作用呢(小叮噹)....能治療所有癌症的藥物真的會是全人類的福音嗎?

演 員: 三上博史、柳葉敏郎、小西真奈美

Title: Pandora

STARRING: Mikami Hiroshi, Yanagiba Toshiro, Konishi Manami

BRIEF SUMMARY: Suzuki Hideki is a university doctor who develops a cure for cancer after 18 years of rigorous research. When others learn of his ingenious breakthrough, things around him undergo abrupt changes as the motivations and conspiracies of pharmaceutical companies as well as political circles surface.

 Puzzle  劇 名﹕

劇 情﹕本劇是由曾編寫《圈套》的編劇蒔田光治所制作,石原里美在劇中擔任主演,角色設定對里美來說是個相當大的挑戰,因爲這不單止是她第一次參與推理劇,還是她第一次飾演年過30的教師,她積極地表示:根本沒想到會有這樣的老師!但是不知爲何就是無法對她生恨! 編寫出鮎川這樣一個魅力十足的角色的蒔田,因曾參與仲間由紀惠主演連續劇《圈套》的制作而廣爲人知。這次是以高中爲舞台背景,鮎川作爲老師相當不稱職,但是一碰上神秘事件她就能發揮自己的天才能力,並帶領著3名頭腦清晰,爲人善良的學生,一起解決各種各樣謎一般的案件。劇中,里美分別表現出對學生的自高自大和對同事,親人等佯裝乖巧的兩種不同性格。上課時戴著付端莊的眼鏡,卻不斷向學生們施壓。

演 員: 石原里美、山本裕典、木村了

Title: Puzzle

STARRING: Ishihara Satomi, Yamamoto Yusuke, Kimura Ryo

BRIEF SUMMARY: Misako Ayukawa is a money-loving, conniving English teacher with questionable English skill, She thinks herself is superior above everyone especially her students, however, when she is around her friends and family she is surprisingly pleasant to talk to. Regardless how dramatic her personality changes Ayukawa possesses a brilliant mind for solving puzzles. She ends up tackling various cases around the school along with 3 of her top students

 Rookies 2008  劇 名﹕ROOKIES 菜鳥總動員

劇 情﹕漫畫改編,曾在《週刊少年JUMP》連載的人氣青年棒球漫畫《ROOKIES》,又名《教頭當家》,號稱棒球版的 GTO。熱血老師川藤幸一進入二子玉川高中任教國文老師,遇上了 二年 B班一群放棄棒球的不良學生,改造他們成為職涯中第一個最大的挑戰。

演 員: 佐藤隆太, 市原隼人, 小出恵介, 城田優

Title:  Rookies

STARRING: Sato Ryuta, Ichihara Hayato, Koide Keisuke, Shirota Yu, Nakao Akiyoshi

BRIEF SUMMARY: The story revolves around a high school teacher named Kawato Koichi   and coach that tries to reform delinquents by having them join the baseball team.

 Saitou San  劇 名﹕齊藤小姐   

劇 情﹕漫畫改編。邊走路邊抽煙、耳機裡漏出來的雜音...等等,造成他人困擾而不知反省的年輕人,在巴士或電車裡不管場合就大聲喧嘩吵鬧的兒童們,主角「齊藤全子」卻是無法責怪這些人少根筋的保護者。即使看到了令人生氣的行為,一般日本人最終會悶不吭聲地裝做沒看見。為了符合社會的期待,觀月於是成為了「能夠說 NO的日本人」的齊藤小姐,亳不客氣地提倡與社會不同的異見,並為其大力奔走。

演 員: 觀月亞里沙.MIMURA.佐佐木藏之介

Title: Saitou San 

STARRING: Mizuki Arisa, Mimura, Sasaki Kuranosuke, Sudo Risa

BRIEF SUMMARY: With her husband rarely home because of work, Saito Masako raises her kindergarten son by herself. With a strong sense of what's right, she is never afraid to confront people who violate the rules of society. While her righteousness makes her a heroine among the kindergarteners, their mothers have learned to keep their distance from all the trouble Saito brings with her. Mano Wakaba, a soft-spoken mother who had problems with her son turning violent at his previous school, soon moves into the neighborhood. Eager to get along with the other mothers at the kindergarten, Mano does her best to please, and pushes her son Takeru to do the same, even if it puts her at odds with Saito. When Takeru gets burned by a smoker whose cigarette brushes his face, Mano is content to let it go, but Saito steps in to confront the man, asking for an apology. When the man stubbornly refuses, a scuffle ensues and the man runs away. When the bystanders watching begin clapping their hands, Mano is left in awe. As circumstances push her and Saito together, Mano must choose between bending over to please the other mothers or joining Saito and facing alienation.

 Seigi No Mikata  劇 名﹕正義的夥伴

劇 情﹕容子的姊姊是個惡魔,她個性旁若無人,做事充滿惡意,好像會散發出毒素來,一腳踢開擋路的人,有人膽敢給他迷惑甚至屈辱,一定加倍奉還,就是這樣豪爽的人。壞事碰到她也會嚇走,像是通報通緝犯、被上司性騷擾的同事感謝等等,所以才被稱作正義的夥伴。容子在這樣姊姊的「照顧」下,好像奴隸一般,但是,依然可以活得明亮又積極。    

演 員: 志田未來, 山田優﹐向井理﹐本郷奏多

Title:  Seigi no Mikata

STARRING: Mirai Shida, Yamada Yu, Sano Shiro, Tanaka Yoshiko

BRIEF SUMMARY: Shida Mirai and Yamada Yu star as two sisters Yoko and Makiko in this drama adaptation of the manga of the same name. Yoko is a young girl constantly bullied by her self-centered and monster of an older sister Makiko, who works for a government office after graduating from a prestigious university. In spite of her ill nature, Makiko's actions somehow tend to make things better for those around her, causing others to praise her as an "ally of justice."

 Seven Female Lawyers II  劇 名﹕七人女律師 II

劇 情﹕由釋由美子飾演的正義感十足的女律師藤堂真紀,將再次英姿颯爽的站在法庭上。她表示自己很榮幸能出演這麼有內涵有深度的作品,她感到非常開心。她向十頁之多的法律專用語台詞劇本再一次發起挑戰。與之前的作品一樣由野際陽子、原沙知繪出演律師搭檔,此外和檢察官永井的相戀也將繼續另外,新成員東千鶴、奧賽羅中的中島知子及三浦理惠子、瀧澤沙織也將聯袂演出,共同上演有趣的七人故事

演 員: 釋由美子, 野際陽子、原沙知繪

Title: Shininin No Onna Bengoshi II (Seven Female Lawyers) II

STARRING: Yumiko Shaku, Sachie Hara, Masaru Nagai, Yoko Nogiwa

BRIEF SUMMARY: A law firm of seven female attorneys is specially designed to rescue helpless women involved in crimes, sexual harassments, and marital problems, etc.
Maki Todo (Yumiko Shaku) is a newcomer and also a freshman at this law firm. She is a young lady filled with high spirit and energy, and hopes to undertake difficult cases as her senior co-workers she truly respects. Inspired by her strong will, her boss Misako Sugimura (Yoko Nogiwa) boldly assigns the inexperienced Maki to take an important case, while her colleagues are only left with an uneasy feeling…

 Shikaotoko Aoniyoshi  劇 名﹕鹿男與奈良

劇 情﹕鹿男-》是根據今年夏天成為直木賞候補的同名人氣小說,萬城目學(31)的作品而改編的。任奈良女中1年A班的理化老師。在大學的研究室裡,被因為人際關係的糾紛而被認為有「神經質」。被研究院大家排擠的結果,無可奈何只好代理奈良女中的理化老師。從小時候開始,感覺上好像就被神給拋棄了,做任何事情都不能隨心所欲, 是一個運氣壞到極點的男子。剛到奈良的感覺,對當地的土地、 環境、 文化等都感到不能適應。開始抱怨著學校的教書生活,及一切生活起居。突然間從鹿接受某重大的使命,他對奈良美麗的大自然才產生了微妙的感情。

演 員: 玉木宏.綾瀬遥.多部未華子

Title: Shikaotoko Aoniyoshi (The Fantastic Deer Man)

STARRING: Tamaki Hiroshi, Ayase Haruka, Tabe Mikako, Shibamoto Yuki


Forced out of his research group after conflicts with his colleagues, Ogawa Takanobu takes up an offer to teach at a girls' high school in Nara. When taking roll call on the first day one of his students, Hotta Ito, sneaks into class late, claiming a bogus excuse--that she got a ticket after trying to park her deer in front of the train station. He makes immediate enemies with Hotta when he tells his superiors about her tardiness and attitude. In the following days, he begins to notice something unusual about Hotta, but he can't seem to put his finger on it.

 Shiori To Shimiko No Kaiki Jikenbo  劇 名﹕少女偵探之怪奇事件

劇 情﹕日本連續劇和紙魚子的怪異事件。改編自諸星大二郎的恐怖漫畫。南澤飾演捲入靈異事件的女子高中生刊,前田飾演她的同班同學紙魚子。南澤說,雖然是恐怖漫畫,卻是用了喜劇手法來表現的,所以,怕恐怖片的人也能看。

演 員: 南澤奈央, 前田敦子

Title: Shiori To Shimiko No Kaiki Jikenbo

STARRING: Maeda Atsuko, Minamisawa Nao

BRIEF SUMMARY: Based on a Daijiro Morohoshi manga series about 2 girls who stumble into various murders, supernatural incidents, and general weirdness in their town.

 Tadashii Ouji No Tsukurikata  劇 名﹕成為王子的正確方法 

劇 情﹕本故事講述的是一群男生在女生的努力下,由青蛙變成王子的故事.與前作相同,本劇也主要以"變身"主要要素,不單只是外表,內心也產生變化.描述整個過程中.男女主角不斷成長的過程.....

演 員: 柳浩太郎.綠友利惠

Title: Tadashii Ouji No Tsukurikata

STARRING: Yanagi Kotaro, Midori Yurie, Aiba Hiroki

BRIEF SUMMARY: In this high school comedy, a all girl high school suddenly goes co-ed, but the incoming boys are far below their expectations. As a result, some of the girls start a project called  Ouji Produce to make over the ordinary, plain, and weird looking boys into "princes.

 Team Batista No Eiko TV Series  劇 名﹕ 白色的榮光

劇 情﹕  巴提斯達手術又稱左室減容手術,用於解決終末期心臟病擴大的心臟問題。東城大學附屬醫院的巴提斯達手術團隊以高成功率聞名全國,最高記錄的26次手術連續成功就是這個團隊保持的。但是最近的3次手術連續發生以外,病人全部死亡。為了調查此事是否真的是簡單的醫療事故,心裏內科的田口醫師被任命調查員,進入這個團隊調查此事。但是對於外科完全不懂的她,也不是偵探出身,所以此事一直沒有調查頭緒,這時出現了一個奇怪的男人白鳥前來協助

演 員: 伊藤 淳史 ,  仲村徹 ,  城田 優 ,  釋 由美子 伊原剛志

Title: Team Batista No Eiko

STARRING: Ito Atsushi, Nakamura Toru, Shirota Yu, Shaku Yumiko, Ihara Tsuyoshi

BRIEF SUMMARY: There exists a legendary team of surgical experts in Tojo University Hospital that specializes in the Batista procedure - one of the most difficult cardiac surgeries with the survival rate only at 60%. Ever since its formation, this team has shocked the country by having 27 consecutive post-operative successes, virtually unheard of in the medical community. They basked in the glory until three of the most recent procedures resulted in consecutive deaths on the operating table. Taguchi, a psychosomatic medicine specialist, has been entrusted with the investigation but is in over his head because of his soft nature and having to deal with skills beyond his realm of expertise. Then arrives Shiratori, a cocky Ministry of Health Labor and Welfare investigator. He not only labels Taguchi naive, but speaks with confidence that this is a murder, and the murderer is within this team of elites. As the mystery unfolds, so does the complicated affiliation between each of the seven team members. Will this unlikely duo uncover the truth in time?

 The Man Who Won 320 Million Yen In Lotto 6  劇 名﹕樂透~三億二千萬中獎男人

劇 情﹕假若有一天你中了3億円的話?這是改編自描寫中了大獎的真實故事的喜劇。




演 員: 反町隆史 中島知子 豐村功補 西村雅彦

Title:  Lotto 6 De San-oku Ni-senman En Ateta Otoko (The Man who Won 320 million Yen in Lotto 6)

STARRING: Sorimachi Takashi, Nakajima Tomoko, Shibuya Takeru, Nishimura Masahiko

BRIEF SUMMARY: What would you do if you become wealthy, 3 million dollars rich overnight? Would you quit your job, would you tell everyone? What would you do  with the money? This interesting drama is based on the true story.  Takashi Sorimachi stars as Satoru Tachibana, an advertising firm employee slaving away under a younger boss for a meager salary. With a pachinko habit, no savings, and no prospects of romance since his divorce, Tachibana is left wondering what the future holds for him. One day, he desperately enters a lottery, trying to make enough money to pay for his child support, but his sense of self-disgust kicks in. However, his curiosity gets the better of him, and he later discovers that the ticket is a winner, turning him into a millionaire overnight

 Tokyo Daikushu  劇 名﹕東京大空襲

劇 情﹕該劇描寫了1945年3月10日的東京大空襲下,孤苦伶仃的護士(堀北)與患有嚴重心臟病卻誌願出征的青年(藤原),韓國青年(瑛太)和護士(柴本)之間兩對相愛的年輕人故事。

演 員: 堀北真希, 藤原竜也, 瑛太

Title: Tokyo Daikushu

STARRING: Horikita Maki, Fujiwara Tatsuya, Eita, Shibamoto Yuki

BRIEF SUMMARY:  Tokyo Daikushu chronicles the tragic love stories of two couples. Set in war-time Tokyo in March 1945 during the air raid that claimed 100,000 lives, In the first story, Sakuragi Haruko (Horikita Maki) receives word that the munitions factory her father works at has been bombed and finds her father engulfed in flames. She tries to dart into the flames to save him but is stopped by a stranger, Ohba Hirohito (Fujiwara Tatsuya). Three years later, a young man suffering from a heart seizure is brought to Haruko who is now a nurse. Seeing the man, Haruko realises that he was the person who made her watch her father die and is shocked but ...

 Fufudo  劇 名﹕夫婦道

劇 情﹕故事就一般家庭的點點滴滴,很生活化也很入味,大女兒相親連敗中;二女兒嫁的對象竟和老爸年紀一樣的 60 歲;三女兒愛上隔壁橋爪功家的小孩,但卻是玩劇團的;唸小學的么弟成績好,說長大的志願是進 NASA 工作,而非繼承家業;夫婦倆呢?老婆當年可是萬人迷,舊情人還是新任的日本首相唷…;再加上全劇茶園景緻綠意盎然,很讓人舒服、心靜的小品佳作。

演 員: 武田鐵矢, 橋爪功, 山崎静代, 高畑淳子

Title: Fufudo

STARRING: Takeda Tetsuya, Takahata Atsuko, Yamasaki Shizuyo,

BRIEF SUMMARY:  The best thing in life perhaps is surrounded by the people you loved or love you such as your family,this family drama revolves around a husband-and-wife couple who run a tea plantation and shop, taking a light, comedic look at family life as their three children gro